1060 high carbon steel vs 1095 high carbon steel

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lebleuchevalier: Do you follow the podcast? Nov 22, 2019 19:45:33 GMT
yaldabaoth: Drink twice the beers for both of us Nov 22, 2019 19:44:52 GMT
yaldabaoth: Happy birthday Christain Nov 22, 2019 19:44:44 GMT
nternal805: Yup. Nov 22, 2019 19:36:28 GMT
lebleuchevalier: Me? Nov 22, 2019 19:32:26 GMT
nternal805: Why didn't you shout me out personally? :'( Nov 22, 2019 19:11:29 GMT
lebleuchevalier: Oy vey, I'll give a link. It's called The Weekly Cooldown. I appear in the latest episode, episode 72. wkcooldown.com/ Nov 22, 2019 17:11:26 GMT
treeslicer: No. Now pardon me, I gotta go admin my game server. (:)) :D Nov 22, 2019 17:04:16 GMT
lebleuchevalier: It's a podcast that recaps the week in video game news. Is anyone on this forum remotely interested in that? Nov 22, 2019 16:36:56 GMT
lebleuchevalier: I would, but I am too embarrassed for anyone to hear me talk on this podcast. Nov 22, 2019 16:34:15 GMT
MOK: Well, go on - you gotta plug the podcast now in return! Nov 22, 2019 16:28:43 GMT
lebleuchevalier: I plugged this forum on a podcast today! Nov 22, 2019 2:31:07 GMT
rannh1: 20 years of mails, data, family memories blah blah :P mostly ticked because they didn't bother to send in mailers to the security mails for the inactive accounts. They just changed their login policies. I feel a bit disappointed now, less mightily angry Nov 21, 2019 13:28:07 GMT
christain: That bites. Probably a lot of info and contacts lost. I used to have a Yahoo account, but it's been so long since I've used it that the whole account has probably been deleted. :-/ Oh well........ Nov 21, 2019 12:55:29 GMT
rannh1: Mighty irritated. Just logged in to my yahoo account of around 20 years, to find all my emails had been deleted because i had not logged in in more than a year. Nov 21, 2019 4:34:00 GMT
christain: Yah...sucks to be me. (rofl) Nov 21, 2019 1:42:52 GMT
redscorpion: Wow! In row? Like in sequential order and everything? Man, you've got the rotten luck! Nov 21, 2019 1:26:53 GMT
christain: Yeah...that seems to happen...52 times in a row! ;-|........ (rofl) Nov 21, 2019 0:42:16 GMT
redscorpion: Wow! A birthday boy! But it seems to me that you just had a birthday about this same time last year? Nov 20, 2019 23:25:31 GMT
christain: Many thanks to everyone! It was a good day today! And YES, tancred, I treated myself to a Windlass Arbedo and a CS Tac Katana. Nternal805 treated me to the Wac and Tanto! Thanks again! :D Nov 20, 2019 22:12:16 GMT