how to make a stock removal blade


RufusScorpius: Ah! Brother 'nord! Glad to see you! Oct 23, 2021 0:47:19 GMT
nerdthenord: Hi everyone Oct 23, 2021 0:26:25 GMT
Ouroboros: against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Oct 23, 2021 0:03:34 GMT
RufusScorpius: For we go forth not to war against flesh, but against powers and principalities... Oct 22, 2021 23:49:03 GMT
Ouroboros: Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. Oct 22, 2021 23:45:25 GMT
RufusScorpius: Still though, you are my brother and I have to keep you out of trouble no matter what *(runs up with a bucket of sand to douse the flames)* Oct 22, 2021 21:31:57 GMT
RufusScorpius: Oh dear oh dear oh dear me.... There you go again, all emotional. Remember the time we wiped out that witches coven and the whole time I was eating an apple? It's a job, not a relationship. Oct 22, 2021 21:30:27 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: Is this what you want!? Huh?! *Starts splashing everybody and everything with the oil* Oct 22, 2021 21:22:17 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: Burn em all! Burn em all! Oct 22, 2021 21:20:44 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: Well, at least I can burn The Duke * Drops the torch on The Duke as he sleeps* Bwahahahahaha! Oct 22, 2021 21:20:22 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: No, come back here *Chases him with a torch* Oct 22, 2021 21:16:42 GMT
smnlavallee: Wait, allow me this last attempt at recovery! I am brigning my ceremonial dagger with me and will come back cured or not at all. Oct 22, 2021 21:16:34 GMT
smnlavallee: I will sell all unecessary equipments and loots and travel light to the Far North, in search of the Pure White Dove. Urianger told me that inhaling the smoke from one of it's burned feather might restore me. Let me go sort my armory see what to I will sell Oct 22, 2021 21:15:33 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: Agreed, I shall take care of it then. *Douses both the Duke and smnlavallee with a bucket of lamp oil* Oct 22, 2021 21:15:12 GMT
smnlavallee: Had you "rightfully ended" the Duke before our last trip, he would not have bitten me! Sometimes ignorance is a blessing. Now I have to live with the fact that the timidness of Brother Nathaniel caused me this weird word rhymes generating infection. Oct 22, 2021 21:10:46 GMT
RufusScorpius: Exactly what I warned you about: humanizing creatures. Kill it, take any valuables, then broom it's husk into the dust bin. Make sure you wipe off your shoes. No more thought necessary. Oct 22, 2021 20:33:30 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: *envisions the mutated child crawling out of the well and dousing it with lamp oil as it's barbed tentacles reached toward* Oct 22, 2021 20:21:12 GMT
RufusScorpius: In my mind it's not a war or a massacre, it's simply pest control. Oct 22, 2021 20:13:29 GMT
RufusScorpius: I love you, Brother Nat, but you always did take the killing too personally and emotionally. I've warned you that it is a weakness that could be exploited. Oct 22, 2021 20:12:32 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: The legends say after you meet her in the cavern you emerge from the water baptized and forgiven for the past. Oct 22, 2021 20:08:53 GMT