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ichimonji: thanks for your patience Feb 1, 2023 0:46:14 GMT
ichimonji: Added more photos of the katana Feb 1, 2023 0:46:08 GMT
thejordan1: Very interesting markings on unknown sword, possibly British... Thread name "Interesting Markings on Blade of Unknown Sword" Jan 31, 2023 16:34:50 GMT
thejordan1: New Post! Thread name "Filipino Minasbad or Bolo Sword?" Would love some information or insight, thanks! Jan 30, 2023 19:32:10 GMT
thejordan1: Just posted! Thread name "Old Cutlass or Falchion" Any help is greatly appreciated! Jan 30, 2023 17:15:21 GMT
vikingbattleaxe: Anyone need viking axes with premium wooden box that you can personalized with your own logo and text . I have starting selling my axes . You can check my products I will give discount as well. Jan 29, 2023 19:35:04 GMT
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Jan 26, 2023 14:10:03 GMT
JGonzalez: All these great swords on sale and I'm broke. Thanks for listening. :) Jan 25, 2023 16:52:19 GMT
mariussyrotis: Shout for sword, its perfection of art, staying between life and death, resposability and respect :) Jan 25, 2023 12:51:10 GMT
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JGonzalez: I found this Spanish guy.He says that he studies swords and loves history. He speaks in good Castillian though. Jan 12, 2023 3:32:29 GMT
Drunk Merchant: Ty Jan 7, 2023 20:22:21 GMT
AndiTheBarvarian: Never teach battojutsu with wagging finger! (Get well!) Jan 7, 2023 15:37:08 GMT
Drunk Merchant: Nerves on my reattached finger recovered great after I started practicing with my 1919 Nagant M1895. If you got a gimpy finger: exercise it and it’ll be back to normal in no time. Jan 6, 2023 22:13:59 GMT
JonSchwertFechter: A Happy New Year 2023! to All:) Jan 2, 2023 6:50:42 GMT
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