Lutel closing down shop


AndiTheBarvarian: Indeed I sometimes find myself thinking "oh, semprini!" when something goes wrong. Jul 14, 2020 10:41:56 GMT
treeslicer: You have to admit, it's a simple and all-purpose pejorative; "Go semprini yourself, you semprini-faced sack of semprini!!" Obviously in tune with the direction that linguistic degeneracy is heading in. (rofl) Jul 14, 2020 6:16:07 GMT *
AndiTheBarvarian: 100 years in the future I see people wondering at what the origin of that dirty and offending "s"-word was... Jul 14, 2020 6:01:53 GMT
MOK: It is! I'll grant that it may be hard to tell sometimes because, of course, the filter replaces all naughty words with "semprini". Jul 13, 2020 19:09:47 GMT
demented: Semprini should be censored too at this point Jul 13, 2020 16:10:38 GMT
AndiTheBarvarian: (censored) (censored), (censored)! Jul 13, 2020 13:42:18 GMT
RufusScorpius: Ok guys. Please use the word "semprini" in it's correct context or I will have to report you to the moderators. A semprini is not a joke, so please use it responsibly. Jul 13, 2020 12:38:49 GMT
demented: LMAO! Jul 13, 2020 1:31:54 GMT
treeslicer: Here, semprini, semprini, semprini, here, kitty. (rofl) Jul 13, 2020 0:43:44 GMT
treeslicer: Because there's only one "s" in "pus", and whoever loaded the obscenity list is paranoid. :D Jul 13, 2020 0:41:18 GMT *
demented: Why does"p-u-s-s" pop up as semprini? Jul 12, 2020 22:07:51 GMT
demented: Im doing ok, no semprini or gangrene yet lol. My 3 year old terrorist stomped on it earlier though, I am not super impressed with that. Jul 12, 2020 22:07:14 GMT
Ouroboros: Hows the finger holding up ? Sympathies big time, bro Jul 12, 2020 1:34:12 GMT
aldarith: semprini, did you have to go to the hospital? Jul 10, 2020 14:39:07 GMT
demented: My kid bumped into me while cutting meat. It cut vertically from the finger bone threw the tip, my finger literally had a chunk hanging. Good times... Jul 10, 2020 14:35:11 GMT
RufusScorpius: Would that have been a heart cutting-out spoon? Jul 10, 2020 9:39:39 GMT
AndiTheBarvarian: The spoon is mightier than the knife! (There is no spoon!) Jul 10, 2020 7:44:43 GMT
MOK: Was out in the yard carving a spoon, stuck my foot in a bunch of nettles and broke my concentration. Jul 10, 2020 7:20:07 GMT
aldarith: How did you guys manage that? Jul 10, 2020 6:52:12 GMT
demented: I hit bone and I felt a nice tingle Jul 10, 2020 6:04:55 GMT