Hanwei Bamboo Mat Katana (Pic Heavy)


nerdthenord: Night y’all. I’ve been up for 40 hours, so it’s time to sleep lol. Nov 16, 2018 1:42:14 GMT
nerdthenord: Awesome brother! I hope y’all enjoy your little goodies! I’ll explain what they mean when you open them. Nov 15, 2018 19:33:48 GMT
ouroboros: -9 degrees C this morning, -15 with the wind out of the south bearing with it the promiseof 10 to 15 cm of Winters Curse'd Whiteness...Todays tasklist...Goto Massena (done), heater install x 2, pack a bit, enjoy evening with the kids and wifey and my Mom Nov 15, 2018 17:05:32 GMT
ouroboros: Thank You Sir! Nov 15, 2018 17:02:33 GMT
ouroboros: Hail o ... just got back from the Massena trade route. Tonight, I'll be opening said goody box with the kids n wifey :) BUT, before I do...thank you very much for whatever I find inside. To take the time, box something up, send it out... Nov 15, 2018 17:02:25 GMT *
nerdthenord: Maybe I'll get myself something nice for Christmas. Maybe the God of War Leviathan Axe by Scorpion Swords. Nov 15, 2018 0:26:16 GMT
csills2313: Still having miserable weather here. Nov 14, 2018 22:56:35 GMT
csills2313: I am glad your day went well Nov 14, 2018 22:56:19 GMT
csills2313: Hello Nord!! Nov 14, 2018 22:56:09 GMT
nerdthenord: Good day today overall. Nov 14, 2018 22:55:08 GMT
csills2313: Then I can go outside and do the cutting review for my sword purchase Nov 14, 2018 18:18:30 GMT
csills2313: Hello guys. Still raining here. Looks like the rain will be clearing out to night sometime. Nov 14, 2018 18:18:09 GMT
nerdthenord: Really tired right now. The cold has drained me, as well as not eating much of anything for a week. I was too sick to have much of an appetite. That’s also probably why I was a bit grumpy and cross the last few days. Nov 14, 2018 0:33:46 GMT
csills2313: Received my 9620 Spring Steel Katana today. Very beautiful sword. I need to get cracking on doing some reviews as soon as the weather clears up!! Nov 13, 2018 18:58:20 GMT
ouroboros: I thank you and all others who have sent me good vibes and well wishes. By the will of He Who Judges, I'll be swinging blades again by Feb :) Nov 13, 2018 15:26:44 GMT
nerdthenord: I wish you luck! Nov 13, 2018 15:25:18 GMT
ouroboros: heh, niiiice, I've got my laptop loaded with Master of Orion 2, Galactic Civilizations 2 and 3 plus a host of little annoying puzzle games for the recovery phase. If I can find the last disk of M.O.O. 3, I'll load that on too :) Nov 13, 2018 15:23:46 GMT
nerdthenord: I will unite all the Slavic peoples, reform Slavic paganism into an organized church, and crush the power of Rome and Mecca! Nov 13, 2018 15:23:26 GMT
nerdthenord: Day is great. Just about over the bronchitis. In 30 minutes I will be a polish Slavic lord in 769 AD. The next huge DLC for Crusader Kings 2 comes out then. Nov 13, 2018 15:22:07 GMT
nerdthenord: Or is it hundreds? IDK. Precise geography was never my specialty lol. Nov 13, 2018 15:21:01 GMT