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RufusScorpius: Yeah, I think I'll give the Teuteborg Forrest a miss this time around Jan 21, 2020 20:22:54 GMT *
markus313: Jan 21, 2020 19:19:30 GMT
AndiTheBarvarian: 2 hours from Düsseldorf lies Kalkriese, probably the location of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest! :D Jan 21, 2020 19:15:25 GMT *
markus313: Hello RufusScorpius, I’m living in Essen, about a 15 min drive from Düsseldorf. You’re welcome for a visit. Will shoot you a PM. Jan 21, 2020 17:41:50 GMT
RufusScorpius: I know. Solingen is in my agenda if I get the opportunity Jan 21, 2020 17:38:37 GMT
snowbite: You'll be about an hour from Solingen. That would be a cool factory to visit Jan 21, 2020 16:42:51 GMT
christain: Well...Turns out my boss's beer wasn't all that kind to me. Maybe a bit 'green' yet. ;-|---- (puke) Jan 21, 2020 16:32:34 GMT
RufusScorpius: Any forum members living in or near Dusseldorf? I'll be in that area next month for business and will have some free time. Jan 21, 2020 11:17:18 GMT
snowbite: Mmmm Jan 21, 2020 3:23:23 GMT
christain: Just tried a sample of my boss's home brew beer....FABULOUS. :P Looks like chocolate milk, but tastes like Heaven. A very dark beer that I think would almost be better served at room-temperature in a horn. 8-) Jan 21, 2020 2:53:02 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: It doesn't have to be that one of course, but any similar design would work. Jan 21, 2020 1:18:44 GMT
snowbite: I never would have thought of the Christmas tree stand. 85 bucks though? Jan 20, 2020 23:16:54 GMT
Brother Nathaniel: My 2 stands are ghetto but they work. A quick and easy/dirty way to make a stand is simply to grab a 4x4 and stick it in this: and fill spaces with sand,concrete or plaster of paris. Jan 20, 2020 20:25:36 GMT
snowbite: All four spokes are connected to each other with deck screws through the ends. Only two of the spokes are bolted to the socket. Length of each spoke is 18" Jan 20, 2020 19:31:03 GMT
snowbite: bottom view: Jan 20, 2020 19:29:36 GMT
snowbite: Top view: Jan 20, 2020 19:28:59 GMT
snowbite: I'll take a pic Jan 20, 2020 19:02:22 GMT
theophilus736: Snowbite how are you attaching the spokes? Looks like there's only room for two on that amazon product. Jan 20, 2020 18:25:07 GMT
snowbite: attach 2x4s for base spokes. Make a few different lengths of 4x4 and you can swap them out for different heights. Jan 20, 2020 15:26:34 GMT
snowbite: I got one of these Jan 20, 2020 15:25:17 GMT