Cobra Steel Kindjal


nerdthenord: Tomorrow I pick up my seax! I’m exited! Apr 22, 2019 12:53:44 GMT
Uhlan: Happy Easter! Apr 22, 2019 5:33:38 GMT
winteriscomingxii: Happy Easter all! Apr 21, 2019 20:42:14 GMT
tancred: Happy Easter and Happy Passover to anyone celebrating! :D Apr 21, 2019 16:32:33 GMT
tancred: Christain, I like the helm you have in your avatar. Do you still have it? Who was the maker, if its ok to ask? Apr 21, 2019 16:32:10 GMT
ouroboros: Happy Easter Sunday--may the seeking of chocolate eggs bring you goodies n fun w the kiddies. Apr 21, 2019 13:09:35 GMT *
christain: Sword money. Weird how my spending habits have turned more towards armor lately. I guess I have all the swords I need? ??? NOT..... (rofl) Apr 21, 2019 12:10:42 GMT
christain: Erghhh...working a Sunday AND a holiday. Oh well...I DID get a pay raise last week. :) Mo' sword money.... :D :D :D Apr 21, 2019 12:04:40 GMT
nerdthenord: Got Amon Amarth tickets for October! Rrraahhhhh! Apr 21, 2019 2:20:14 GMT
christain: Don't feel alone, Scott. I gotta work Sunday while the rest of the family has Easter dinner. :-[ That's okay though...I'll just eat double when I get home. :P :D Apr 21, 2019 0:11:34 GMT
ouroboros: Sorry Scott. Hope time off comes soon Apr 20, 2019 18:33:48 GMT
Scott: I'm working all weekend Apr 20, 2019 17:39:39 GMT
ouroboros: Easter Greetings to you too! Apr 20, 2019 14:32:37 GMT
brothersteel: Finishing up "The Robe" as we're prepping for tomorrow. Seeing the one sword fight in the film last night, I laugh inwardly at how much Olympic fencing still reigned in Hollywood in those days. A blessed Easter to all! Apr 20, 2019 14:23:49 GMT
ouroboros: Ahhhhhh Friday Apr 20, 2019 12:34:31 GMT
ouroboros: Highway between us and Ottawa that follows the river is closed today for some flood proofing and sandbag work ... and 6 of 6 seedlings are showing their first set o leaves in the grow space under 600w of led lighting... Apr 20, 2019 12:34:26 GMT
ouroboros: Got 2 crazies of 11 and 7 years home with me today. Just ended morning tachikaze session and the weathers gearing up for another wet day. Apr 20, 2019 12:32:51 GMT
redscorpion: yeah, cars. Always spending money on those things. I just had to put spark plugs in my older Jag. $300 just about covers cost of materials (plugs and gaskets) - then it's a 4 hour job to change them out. Apr 20, 2019 11:02:17 GMT
christain: TGIF, y'all....Anyone have any cool weekend plans ? Perfect weather tomorrow for Ren-Fest here, but after having to drop $300 on car repairs ;-|....maybe next weekend/paycheck. Even had my kit packed up and ready. :-/ Apr 20, 2019 3:09:55 GMT
redscorpion: Ah, I see now. I stand (or rather sit) corrected. Nice seax. Been thinking about picking one up for myself. Apr 19, 2019 1:16:10 GMT