third attempt at he-man sword of power (finished finally)


ouroboros: Ahhhhhh the sounds of children in the pool, ice cold drink in hand, looking at my sword fund and wondering...wondering.... Jun 24, 2019 21:06:46 GMT *
ouroboros: I know I know you're closer to the southern border but...we've got The Raptors, poutine and it's nice up here 3 or 4 months outa the year (we call it not-winter) Jun 24, 2019 17:34:30 GMT
ouroboros: there's always fleeing across the border ... the Great White North welcomes all asylum seekers :D Jun 24, 2019 17:33:02 GMT
christain: This week should be interesting. Wife's sister is coming down from Wisconsin for a visit. Now there will be TWO of them. ;-| I may have to slip in some O-T at work. :P Jun 24, 2019 11:06:17 GMT
redscorpion: I remember one day it was about 48c and noticed I was standing in a small puddle. Water was dripping from my uniform and down my sleeves. My feet were soaking wet. It was my own sweat. But at least my skin was cleansed of toxins...Hell? Been there. Jun 23, 2019 23:00:18 GMT
ouroboros: :D happy with that I'll be Jun 23, 2019 20:43:59 GMT
nerdthenord: Come late January I won’t be on all day, but I’ll still try to check in every evening. Jun 23, 2019 20:36:14 GMT
nerdthenord: Lol! Thanks! Don’t worry, I am not about to abandon this place just because I’m taking a buying hiatus. Jun 23, 2019 20:31:45 GMT
ouroboros: If he doesn't I'll fly to Texas and unplug his A.C. Jun 23, 2019 20:24:24 GMT
csills2313: I hope you still have time to visit us from time to time :) Jun 23, 2019 20:03:47 GMT
csills2313: Good luck with continuing your education. Jun 23, 2019 20:03:24 GMT
csills2313: Hey Nord Jun 23, 2019 20:03:08 GMT
nerdthenord: Oof. Sounds like hell. Jun 23, 2019 19:11:31 GMT
redscorpion: 49/50c is all fun and games until you sweat through the leather of your boots.... Jun 23, 2019 18:51:30 GMT *
rannh1: , well I think you have us beat then :-p. And yes 49 C does not sound like enjoyable weather at all. Jun 23, 2019 13:25:35 GMT
redscorpion: I'll take Mumbai over a 49c summer in Iraq while wearing body armor and walking around carrying 100lbs of lightweight gear. Jun 23, 2019 11:18:40 GMT *
rannh1: @l Driggers, hah. I take your 70% humidity and raise you Mumbai's 90% humidity with 36 C temperatures. :D Was just there a few weeks ago, and sent my wife a photo of what the sweltering heat humidity combo was like. Jun 23, 2019 10:15:34 GMT
christain: I had a 914 with a body kit on it for a while, but couldn't afford the speeding tickets my ex-wife kept getting. Same with my '65 GT-350 Shelby replica. ;-| Part of the reason she's my EX-wife. ;) Jun 22, 2019 15:08:16 GMT *
christain: Take da money and run.... P-) Jun 22, 2019 14:59:39 GMT
redscorpion: I agree, christain,the classic speedsters are the best but they aren't the ones giving me money right now. Jun 22, 2019 14:50:12 GMT