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christain: His grumping used to bug me. Now I just pay him no mind. Life's too short to get upset with someone who wants to raise hell on a public forum. May 5, 2021 20:41:11 GMT
greatfool: Yes May 5, 2021 3:42:04 GMT
gwynbleid: Edelweiss has been rude and disrespectful more than once now, and instead of fixing the problem, he acts a fool again and then blocks me. What is this, MySpace? Are we in high-school? May 4, 2021 0:27:37 GMT
Hydrodynamiks: Admin, Can you PM me? May 2, 2021 16:46:05 GMT
ichimonji: Hello , do you still have this Yoshichika May 1, 2021 20:56:51 GMT
lmalterna: Just got the email that the 15th Cetury Itallian Longsword is back in stock. Apr 29, 2021 17:03:46 GMT
notthesharpest: Damn - typed in the wrong box Apr 29, 2021 12:37:59 GMT
notthesharpest: Hey, Michael Apr 29, 2021 12:37:28 GMT
Djjinja: PM'd you Chris. Just seen this Apr 25, 2021 5:16:33 GMT
mcnab: Sorry if I have just barge into a Shoutbox . Regards Apr 24, 2021 19:14:07 GMT
mcnab: It do not have copper wire in the grip .Must it have this wire ? Apr 24, 2021 19:12:54 GMT
mcnab: O.K I try again , I have bought a sword on a auction and I think it can be a French Officers Saber-Sword -Sword-called ADJUDANT-1845. The " GRIP " of the sword bothers me ????It do not have the copper wire in ??? Can any body give me advice how to salvage Apr 24, 2021 19:09:58 GMT
mcnab: Dear Forum Members . Is Uhlah still active in this forum ? I have a question on a post = French M1845 Infantry Sabre d'Officier Général. Final Result ...
27 Apr 2014
I bought a sword on a auction
Apr 24, 2021 19:03:10 GMT
ruby14: Apr 20, 2021 13:07:11 GMT
treeslicer: Well, shoot! It was worth a try. (rofl) Apr 12, 2021 2:40:29 GMT
christain: I gottaneedtawannahave (my wife's talk, NOT mine) a nice set of plate gauntlets, but they don't give those things away. I finally got a pair of sabatons (foot armor) and had to send the company a blank check and a sample of DNA. (rofl) Apr 12, 2021 0:42:06 GMT
christain: treeslicer---I don't have a 'nihonto', unless you count a great-sword, dagger, and a shield. Oh....and three sets of armor...maille, darkened plate, and polished plate. Matter of fact, I'll be getting more armor real soon. 8-) Apr 12, 2021 0:31:25 GMT
christain: Djinnja----What do you need to complete your armour? Ask me---I may just have it and be willing to sell. Apr 12, 2021 0:23:45 GMT
treeslicer: It's not senility. Your nihonto are infested with fox spirits. Send me your swords, and I'll take care of it for you. :D Apr 9, 2021 7:28:16 GMT *
christain: Disappearing swords? This would be a game-changer for sure. (rofl) Apr 8, 2021 22:29:12 GMT