New Ronin Super Blade - Trapped Oni Soul Katana


AndiTheBarvarian: Yeah! Mar 5, 2021 21:08:11 GMT
AndiTheBarvarian: I'm just watching Bavarian Nockherberg Double Heavy Strong Beer Festival Video Conference. Mar 5, 2021 21:07:49 GMT
AndiTheBarvarian: Yeah! Mar 5, 2021 20:19:52 GMT
seth: Happy Friday everyone! Mar 5, 2021 20:10:58 GMT
aldarith: I wish most vendors would Mar 5, 2021 6:33:43 GMT
aldarith: I wish KOA would add a production year stat to their swords Mar 5, 2021 6:33:34 GMT
alientude: Huawei got back to me and said they provided the wrong tracking number. Hopefully the new one they just gave me is the right one! Mar 4, 2021 23:38:57 GMT
bruntson: Well I can assure you alientude, that your katana wasn't delivered to me. I'll check around my neighborhood, that should cover most of the state. Mar 4, 2021 21:44:59 GMT
alientude: Huawei katana was just delivered to somewhere in Iowa, instead of California. Something tells me this is going to be a pain to get fixed. Mar 4, 2021 19:32:53 GMT
unom: yes. just found it, hence me deleting the previous comment, thank you sir ! Mar 4, 2021 15:31:55 GMT
Ouroboros: Check out the classified section Mar 4, 2021 15:30:27 GMT
bruntson: How True RS. On the first production sword ($300) I recieved, I couldn't believe that the manufacturer wasn't proud enough of their product to put their name on the box, let alone include care/cleaning instructions or a warrenty. Mar 3, 2021 21:07:31 GMT
RufusScorpius: I've bought a few things from KOA :) I can only say good things about them. I've never had a bum transaction so far. In the sword hobby the reputation of a vendor is more important than the maker of the sword itself. Mar 3, 2021 14:07:47 GMT
bruntson: That makes a lot of sense RS. All but one of my production swords came from KOA and they are awesome to work with. Mar 3, 2021 0:47:39 GMT
zhangziyi777: awaiting hopefully 9th hanwei hunter L6..cant wait Mar 3, 2021 0:47:03 GMT
RufusScorpius: Yes, KOA monitors this forum. They are a sponsor, and I know that at least one of their people is a member and occasionally posts something. And most of us are their customers. Mar 2, 2021 12:51:23 GMT
bruntson: I see that KOA has changed their photo of this sword to reflect that it has the faux white rayskin grips. I wonder if they monitor this chat. Mar 2, 2021 4:00:48 GMT
bruntson: It's the same sword I ordered but with faux rayskin grips. No blade bends or twists, solid grip and no issues outside of the differnt grip. It is unsharpened but it's listed as battle ready for you backyard cutters. Feb 28, 2021 23:31:03 GMT
bruntson: It was suppose to have a brown leather grip. I'm was very happy to find that I recieved a pattern 1827 Royal Navy officer sword with the the white rayskin (resin) grip and in perfect condition. What a deal! Feb 28, 2021 23:25:12 GMT
bruntson: I just recieved from KOA, a Universal Sword British RN dress saber. It was one of their munition grade sword for $100. Feb 28, 2021 23:23:49 GMT