Reviewer Profile: Sean (Shadowhowler)


christain: Red: Yeah, I think she does. To say the least...they're LOADED. ::) Dec 7, 2019 16:30:35 GMT
christain: Ouro: Yes, the U.S. SENATE...she was basically just a typist, but still... :o :P Dec 7, 2019 16:28:25 GMT
redscorpion: Christain: if he retired from the RR then she gets a 1/2 pension just for being married to him. Dec 7, 2019 14:20:23 GMT
redscorpion: Good, no excuses then, tomorrow noon a full report with photos on your new kit! Dec 7, 2019 3:36:43 GMT
nerdthenord: My kit is awesome from my initial thoughts! Dec 7, 2019 1:17:26 GMT
ouroboros: It's a very nice gift. The Senate...really...? That's pretty nice Dec 7, 2019 0:28:57 GMT
christain: Her husband is living on double retirement pensions from the Marine Corps AND the Railroad Commission, and her from the US Senate. They're doing *okay* I'd say....... :P Dec 6, 2019 23:25:42 GMT *
christain: Well, the wife and I got an early Christmas present from her eldest sister---a check for $500. :o Too bad it's already spoken for by debts and back taxes. ;-| >:D It still helps, so very grateful for that. ;) Dec 6, 2019 23:11:57 GMT
nerdthenord: It’s out for delivery now! Yay! Dec 6, 2019 20:29:38 GMT
ouroboros: Then the practicing...then the strutting...then the next purchase ;) Dec 6, 2019 19:57:44 GMT
ouroboros: The waiting is the hardest part Dec 6, 2019 19:57:06 GMT
nerdthenord: My stuff is definitely getting here Monday or Tuesday. It just barely arrived in Texas this morning so no gear today. Dec 6, 2019 12:53:32 GMT
redscorpion: 1. I'm getting into new territory 2. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a learning curve 3. I have tools to make modifications. I want to learn new things, Indian armor is disposable if I $%ck it up. And it looks like fun. Dec 6, 2019 12:39:11 GMT
ouroboros: Only 6 of us this morning? Dec 6, 2019 12:21:08 GMT
christain: Haha...I hope you're happy with it. India-made armor is *okay*, but I've seen some train wrecks too. ;-| Dec 6, 2019 11:44:59 GMT
redscorpion: Not Mars, but close. India. You know all the best armor comes from India nowadays. Horrific bureaucracy was the gift left by the British to the Indian postal service. First step of the journey is by elephant. Dec 6, 2019 11:28:04 GMT
christain: Red, you are not getting your armor until about the 20th? Where did you order it from? Mars? Martian armor must have set you back a buck or two on shipping!----- (rofl) Don't have to worry about those pesky lightsaber-wielding Orcs though!----- (rofl) Dec 6, 2019 4:02:09 GMT
redscorpion: Saturday. I want reviews, photos, etc. Saturday noon at the latest. Dec 6, 2019 2:45:07 GMT
nerdthenord: Friday or Monday. Dec 6, 2019 0:16:58 GMT
nerdthenord: Excited for tomorrow! I can’t wait to share my thoughts on my gear. Dec 6, 2019 0:15:58 GMT