Adding links to your Social Networking and IM accounts

If you have a profile on a popular social networking website, or have an IM screen name that you want to share with other members of the forum, you can add those links to your member profile! To add in the links to your other social accounts, click the Profile button found in the top menu bar, and then on your profile page click the Edit Profile button. You'll then be taken to the Edit Profile & Settings page, click the Social tab found here.

Once you're on the social tab of the Edit Profile page, you'll see the page is broken down into two sections:

Social Websites:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Instant Messengers:

  • AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)
  • ICQ
  • YIM (Yahoo Instant Messenger)
  • Skype

Simply fill out the text box that represents the social network that you want to have linked to your profile! If you are filling out one of the options in the Social Websites category, you can use the Test Link to have a new tab open in your web browser just to be sure that the link you provided was correct. Once you have the social area updated to your liking, click the Save Social Settings button found at the bottom of the page. After this is completed, you and other members of the forum will see your social links when visiting your full profile.


shotokan: The wife thinks i'm nuts for buying a case of pool noodles every other week. lol Jan 24, 2022 23:17:45 GMT
shotokan: I'm willing to try anything. Don't get me wrong, pool noodles are fine but I am tired of cutting them honestly. Jan 24, 2022 23:16:54 GMT
The Levin Lance: All jokes aside, I think you will like the beach mats better than the pool noodles at least. Jan 24, 2022 23:11:07 GMT
shotokan: Nice. My hanwei raptor should be here by thursday... planning on slicing some pool noodles for fun. Jan 24, 2022 21:18:19 GMT
Ouroboros: Days going well. Getting my table ready for some polishing. Jan 24, 2022 21:03:03 GMT
shotokan: I'm not sure but the number of and size of the holes was just mind boggling. Jan 24, 2022 18:42:49 GMT
The Levin Lance: Maybe with the shotgun situation it was birdshot? Jan 24, 2022 18:15:57 GMT
shotokan: Oh yeh, typically if they come with rifle wounds it's from an ak47... we did have a lady come in several years ago with multiple point blank shotgun injuries. Still don't know how she survived. Jan 24, 2022 17:59:08 GMT
The Levin Lance: Anything particularly nasty? Rifle rounds and such? Jan 24, 2022 17:38:48 GMT
shotokan: lol not yet... tons of GSW's but no sword injuries. Jan 24, 2022 17:35:34 GMT
The Levin Lance: Seen anything close to a sword wound in the ER? Jan 24, 2022 17:20:50 GMT
shotokan: Good morning , how goes your day thus far? Jan 24, 2022 16:33:12 GMT
AndiTheBarvarian: "It's Got Electrolytes!" Jan 24, 2022 14:53:42 GMT
Ouroboros: Pedialyte (that or poweraide or gatoraid mixed a little strong) or roll a 2 paper jamaican hammer n get er lit Jan 24, 2022 14:15:16 GMT *
shotokan: Good morning everyone, it's another glorious day in the ER... Jan 24, 2022 13:24:32 GMT
nerdthenord: Good morning SBG! Jan 24, 2022 12:52:12 GMT
Drunk Merchant: 👍 Jan 24, 2022 6:03:45 GMT
shotokan: 1 or 2 bags of Isolyte IV fluids will make you feel 100x better. Jan 23, 2022 20:52:45 GMT
The Levin Lance: Jan 23, 2022 20:35:05 GMT
Drunk Merchant: In the market for a hangover cure Jan 23, 2022 18:36:43 GMT